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The world is on a downward spiral economically, perpetuated by the greatest recession since the   1930’s.   The   number   of   individuals   affected   continues   to   grow   unabated,   while governmental agencies faced with growing deficits, impose severe budget cuts on social service programs. These budget cuts viewed by elected officials as necessary for the economic recovery of the nation, are challenging the safety nets that poor and low income families consider to be essential for their survival.

During these difficult times, Food First, Inc. upholds its commitment to assist marginalized groups  and  individuals  who  are  struggling with  economic  uncertainty,  chronic  illness  or domestic violence. We continue to provide affordable housing, supportive services, food and nutrition programs and emergency shelter to individuals throughout New York City, as well as life sustaining programs overseas. We advocate for the education and self empowerment of all individuals, believing these tools to be essential for the attainment of a life filled with dignity.

Food First, Inc. continues to advocate for the day when an individual’s success is measured by the hard work and sacrifices they have made and when they are compensated for this work with a wage that allows them to support their families without the need for governmental subsidy.

We would like to express our appreciation to all who have supported our agency’s mission and whose valuable contributions and support have allowed us to continue providing quality services to those in need for another year.



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